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Abstract Paintings


Artists  Statement

 I work primarily in an Abstract expressionist mode. My work of art usually depicts a daily basis of human activities such as love, friendship, family, and music are the main subject matters. At first glance, my painting appears simply a colorful abstraction, but once the viewer explores the work, the sense reveals deeper; images as the layers unfold. I use a lot of different colors in my paintings. I do believe that our life is saturated; by color. Color marks our emotional and social existence. I usually start painting anywhere on the canvas. I hardly comprehend the process.

I get thrilled to discover the visual concept or idea through the action of creating it. I use oil and acrylic paint medium on canvas, panel, and paper surfaces. Art, literature, and music inspire me to feel and see the four seasons, the color of day and night. I believe this world may offer many pleasures, but no pleasures exist for an artist that plunges his heart into paradise more than the joy of painting.

                                                                                Zeinu Mudeser

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